Most women want to look their best all the time, but on their wedding day they want to look beautiful. Ethereal. Ravishingly, and unforgettably, beautiful. Because those wedding photographies are forever.

Wedding dress styles may change, but one element is perennial...lace. But not just any lace...only pure French lace. Nothing else looks like it, or feels like it.

And the very best French lace is from the house of Sophie Hallette who have been creating the finest luxury bridal laces since 1887, so the past is woven into every strand...each piece produced with love by a small team of dedicated artisans whose know-how is unsurpassed and who know how to make a bride look, and feel beautiful.



The true tailor has always been the craftsman who not only cuts a suit to measure, but also advises the gentleman or the lady when the time comes to choose all the complements and finishes necessary for an elegant final look as a whole.

Do not hesitate to wear laces or luxury textiles everyday! There can be as many clothing variations as you wish to feel comfortable, beautifull, attractive and sexy at the same time. ‚Äč

Just make a wish and our craftsmen will create the magic for you.